Let's Break and Rebel.

Hey lovies, hope everyone had a amazing Monday, I know I did, because I took full turkey advantage of sleeping all day. I know that sad right?, but I don't care. Being in college can really jack up your sleeping pattern to the fullest. But hey it will pay off, in the long run.

So I was awaken this morning by my mother. >_<. She came into my room like gang busters. Literally. I mean do people know the meaning of knocking. I hate it when she does that. She states oh I knock. -____- Really ma' you knock?....grrrrrr
Anyway this morning I had to finish cleaning seeing as though I'm not going to be in my house for next two days. I will be in D.C.  all day Thursday, and then I will be back there again on Saturday. As you can see in the picture above, I had to clean out one of my purses. Yes, I randomly do that, but this time coco powder spilled all in my bag. Grrr, see what  happens when you are in college, you spill things.

I have this tendency to get dress up when I clean. HAHAHA funny right? Does anyone else does that? Or am I the only weird eccentric person that does that. But I had to, I was feeling a little G' up today. After last night convo's with people, I'm back to my regular self. Before I transferred over to a 4 year institute I was on my G status for real (G status in my opinion means when you are on your grown man, grow women swagger). I was coming and going as I please. Basically I was going  to classes, working, shopping, being creative, and just flowing. But ever since I came to this place in my life, I decided not to be that, I went in with an open mind, and now I'm piss off. I painted my nails black, and everyone that knows me (and now you guys as well) that when I wear black nail polish, that means there is only two things on Bri' mind. God, and family. Meaning that everyone else is fair game. This spring break, I'm getting my issh together, and when I come back, oh believe because I am, people are really going to have a reason to dislike me. I guess you can say, I'm back to being cold heart towards certain situations and certain people. Did not want to do that, but winter is over, and I was warm during that time.
To help get back to this, I needed to watch SACT last season episodes. Out of all the characters in the show, Samantha has always been my favorite since I saw the show very first episode years ago. Yes I use to sneak and watch the show because it caught my attention. I admire her character because she did what she please, and was strong, even when she was weak. People say I remind them of her, and to be honest, (minus the sex part) I do. She was vicious, she was strong, and she could give right back. Love this show.

I mean yes, drink this water, it helps your body stay fashionable lol. Well for me, it does.

You know for some reason when I come home for break, my face begins to look healthy again. I'm thinking college is destroying my body. Like literally, come on. Grrr. My case has been proven. But this helps my face in the morning. I'm running out of it so I will be making a trip to the drug store.

Sometimes I wonder if my carefree, spiritual ,radical, rebel, eccentric being is to much for people. Do they fill over powered when I push, or when I state my opinions about things. I guess that is true, because when I ask people to be honest with me, they always state, "I was taking into consideration of your feelings". Do I come off like I cannot handle it. I mean come on, they want me to be honest. I personally now don't even care. I have tried with people, and if they cannot keep up with me, then they are left in the dust. I'm not waiting around for persons to catch up with me anymore. It is like that now, point blank.

So hunnie bunns enjoy the rest of your day, and night, and remember be who God created you to be. Just be it. Just do it. Just live.



Ceady said...

I love Sex and the City :)
You have wonderful smile

Caroline Vang said...

nice blog, your looking good girl :)


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn

Zitha said...

Lovely blog you have!
I hope you will take a look on mine -