Swagger, in a strange land.

Happy Sunday loves, hope everyone has had an awesome day. ^_^

Well today I did not make it to church (darn you daylight savings time), and when I got up my ride was already here, and I refused to rush for church looking like a craze half dress young lady. So I stayed home and watch it online (the joys of technology). The sermon was on point. The sermon was title "I'm beating the odds". The pastor preach from Gen. 41:41, and boy let me tell you, I needed that word. He talk about how Joseph over came the odds after his brothers sold him into Egyptian slavery. He talk about how God had a bigger plan for him because he did not comprise to culture he was living in.

Our problems that we face are keys elements into our passion. and that if we still fight we still have hope. I use to be a nobody, but now I'm a somebody in the spirit. And babies you are too. Remember that God is always with you, especially at your worst.

Day four of lent. Ahh!!!! the first couple of days of lent are the hardest for me, because I had to get discipline. Basically its like training camp, and after I get use to the hard work.

Like the picture, no makeup, no hair done, nothing but just natural beauty. I'm feeling very naked right now with my feelings. Put it to you this way, I feel like cher in the movie clueless when she realized that she like josh. Why do we fall or begin to like most of best guy pals? I mean this a cycle that has to stop with us females. I don't know, but for me, in order to move on with my feelings, I'm telling him the truth, and hope maybe we can still be friends, with out being awkward.

Yes , one thing I like about living in the city is that you get to wake up to this every morning. I have more shots, but this is by far my favorite. I love the morning sky, my plan for this summer is to wake up with my friends to this. Can we say beach? Can we say summer shordd. lol

A weekend ago my friend threw a house party at her place, and I just could not resist the lighting.

I lost 12 pounds in two weeks yay!!!!!!!!!! me!!!!!. So this is the bathing suit I want to get for the summer. I love the design of it, and it shows the stomach of course. But I'm hoping it can fit my chest, you know. Hopefully.

So the detoxification of my system is going pretty good. I can see that my teeth are beginning to get white again. No more sodas especially the dark ones. I don't know why I begin drinking them again. I only drink them when I'm under stress. >___<.  So far my body has been slimming down, and I love it.

People still pray for Japan and healing, please help if you can, please. Keep that country in your prayers all the time.

So yeah hope everyone has awesome Monday, I know I will because I'm on spring break, but I do miss hanging with my friends. Grrr can't have it both ways. I miss him, ahh!!!!!! this is sad.

But peeps, have awesome Monday, and remember our pain is our passion. ^_^



Samira :) said...

wie hast du das denn geschafft soviel abzunehmen???
<3 xoxo samira <3

Boutzie' said...


H-S said...

so hard to lost congrats dear


GlimmerGlam said...

Nice blog, I love your photos :)

I follow you know, maybe you stop by my blog and take a look? :D

//Ditte - Denmark
Glimmer Glam

Boutzie' said...

@H-S Yes it really is, but it will pay off. =]

@glimmerglan got ya.