Where Is Boutzie'?

Where is she? What has happen? Where did she go?

Hey lovies, just taking a little break from blogging, seeing as though I have nothing to write about at the second. Bare with me darlings, I'm trying to get myself back on track with life and what I want to accomplished in the next ten weeks.

But I'm back at school, spring break ended Sunday. =[ wahhh!!!. I'm kind of happy that it did, because I'm ready to finish this semester and take a permanent three month vacation from these people up at this school.

I know you may say just be nice, but in actuality I cannot be nice. Being nice is for the average Joe and I'm far from average. I was nice in the beginning and partially this semester, until I begin to see somethings I didn't not like.

So I resorted back to my old myself, who was this cold heart very firm blunt person zero tolerance and stood her ground type of young lady. I tried to be open minded when I came here, but the people to shallow.

So now they get to see the real me, and this is my whole concept, if they don't like it, they can get the heck out of my space for good.

So hopefully I will have some awesome post coming within the next few days, just finish a design project, and I believe print making will be my thing.

Later Lovies.



Daria's said...

nice blog *_*

Stine Holm Hansen said...

I really do like yor blog! it's cool! I will follow it from now on, follow mine too and I will be soooo happy! :-)))