No Red Lights, All Green Lights.

Hello darlings ^_^. Woossh been a week since I last posted something. I  been so  busy reevaluating my life and coming to terms with a lot of things. I'm getting back to my grind for real. For those who don't know what that means it basically means that I'm getting back to working, and making money. As this academic year comes to an end I have realized that I had an open mind and did the whole college experience. Now that its a bore to me, I wanna get back to what's really important. And after last night, I have realized, come next next semester, I will have my shit together for real. 

Me and two of my guy friends were all talking one night, and we all basically came to the conclusion of: FUCK IT, LETS JUST DO IT. In that context that meant, lets just pick a random weekend, and pick a place to  travel. Before I came to Hood, I was working,  money in the bank, my checking and my wallet, and I was still doing my college classes. I had a sense of accomplishment because when I left high school, and I was doing a lot more than what I'm doing now. This summer I'm getting back to that very thing, and no one can stop me. 

Another one of my main goals this summer is to finally get back in shape. I have lost my winter coat, and now my body is looking somewhat like it use too.  

"Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point"



TheDreamer xoxo said...

I`m planning on getting into much better shape also!! Let`s do it :) thanks for your sweet comment. Yes, an amazing boy. He changed my life! I changed my life first for me.. and gave myself much needed alone time and then he came along. Just have patience darling. everything ALWAYS works out the way its supposed to!


Jess said...

woooo yess lets have a pro active sumer!
im getting my body back! back on the gym and the fruit and veg :)
shedding my winter weight! ahaha
hope your ok sweetie!

Boutzie' said...

Ladies!!!! thank you so much!!!!

And yes!!!!!!