All Day 5.

Day 5. Favorite Outfit.
This picture and outfit was worn and taken during my school May Madness weekend, and boy let me tell you it was madness at it best. I could only tell you that my red shorts was deem the naked red shorts that night. The blouse I was wearing chiffon see-through, with a vintage chanel gold belt. The blazer I was wearing was white, and it was ruin by paint. Boo Hoo. And the heels that I was wearing you cannot see but they were high, and I dance all night in those bad boys. Great work out. This was my favorite outfit by far.



Catherine said...

yes it is a great outfit, love it too:) nice concept, the 20 dayss blog challenge!

Boutzie' said...


julianne. said...

this is a great outfit! <3