Da Da Day 4.

Day 4. Description of your best three friends. 

Ciara Kelly
We have been knowing each for 19 years now, and been friend for about 9 years. Outside of my family she is the only that really knows the real me. She has been there for me, and I for her.  This girl is one of the most creative and talented person. Hey anytime you can teach yourself how to play the piano with out lessons you are cool in my book. Bottom line this girl is like a sister to me, no matter how much she irks me or makes me freak out. She will always be top dog on the friend ladder. 
 Kyle Jones
Just meet this dude this pass school year when I transferred over to Hood. Its funny how we met, because we share like two classes together, but I never really pay any attention to him. It wasn't until later in the Fall semester we started talking, and it wasn't until November when we bonded. He is the friend I been longing to have to in my space. He is very eccentric and weird, and out friendship has been rocky but at the end we still are there for each other. Like right now, I'm texting him as I type. We fit as friends, and even though I get mad, and we argue over dumb stuff, he has become one of my best guy pals that I can say who loves me to death, and I do the same. 

Micheal Johnson
This is more than a best friend, he is another brother to me in a spiritual way. I can tell him anything and he won't look at me differently. That's why I love him. He has been there for me when I felt like giving up this semester. I'm sadden that he will not be at Hood this coming fall, but he will be with me in spirit. More than a friend, he my other half. We are not a couple or anything, we just see things in the same way. Love him. 

Bottom line these three people have been down with me, just the rest. When I did dumb stuff they stuck by my side, and be there for me. Hence why I love them all. Meeting these people has change my life in a good way. And regardless of all the drama and everything, we are all still friends. 


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