&We Dnt Love Them Hoes.

 Of lately I been feeling like my rebel side has been clawing away at the cage begging to get out to finally be release. I have been trying to keep it tamed, but if just won't work anymore. Guess you can say I been doing this for most of my life. Isn't that strange? I mean I guess it was coming from the fact that I was scared to actually step out the box, and just let it show. Since leaving college for summer break, I'm finding myself becoming bored with my style, my hair, my whole creative juice flow. I'm finding myself becoming more and more distance from the human race, not in a weird way, just in a more introverted way. I'm beginning to see routines in my life, that I find to be pure shitty shit shit. But that's not point I'm trying to make here, my point that I'm trying to make is that I'm tired the normality in life, I'm tired of playing it safe and staying on the sidelines. I need to just get my shit together, and continue to have faith in God, and believe that I will get there. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I'm ready to branch out, and get this show on the road. Fuck being scared, fuck being a wussy. It's time to just go for it, and never look back. 



Anonymous said...

You know you are so right. I been feeling a little something like that as well. I'm glad to see that im not the only one.

love the photography as well.

Fashion Cents said...

love that leather jacket!