NEW Blog Name.

This blog has been through so much in last year for real. I have change the name of my blog to this current name. When I did I was in French class, and I was going through a traumatic life changing situation with the lost of my dad. But now that everything is turning around and I'm beginning to get re-connected with God yet again, and doing some serious thinking, I'm in the mood to change my blog url and name. And this time I came up with something clever, and you will see on the new layout, and headline. Call me different, call me changing, but I'm still the same Bri', just been up graded to a newer and more efficient model.

With that being said, I'm currently as we speak tinkering with the coding for a new layout. Yes I'm tired of bloggers layout for real, I'm ready to take my blog to next level. Perfect timing I shall say. Oh and if you follow me on twitter I change my twitter name as well. It will be the same as my blogger name.

Oh well sugar babies, till next time.

btw I'm still doing the 20 day challenge in some form.


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