&Her Theory Is....

So of lately, I have been having this weird alter ego trip. Ever since I started rocking long hair again  I been getting all types of attention. This came from  guys (haha funny right), and complete strangers. Most of my friends have stated that I'm not up tight, and tense so more. Like I'm more cooler (as to not say I wasn't). You know how we all have alter ego's, well mines would only come out when I'm in a party mood, but now since having this long hair, well I'm feeling very mysterious, seductive, sultry, less stress about life. I can sense it as well, something about me is different, and I feel better. I said that I'm still the same Bri', just been upgraded that's all. 

Like in this picture right (which was taken while I was waiting in the car in the rain) my style is changing as well. I'm tired of the same look. People where I'm from are starting to look the same, none of them are changing it up. Well I'm changing it up. 

I guess this long hair is making me finally be comfortable and be girlie and not so aggressive. I have to admit that I was so afraid and fearful I letting people get close to me, or step out be social. I have to get pass that right? This hair is helping me get that way. I feel a since of more confidence. I don't know, but I like it.



Ag said...

Hairstyles will do that to you! But I don't know I'll always love my fros even when I rock weaves I long to take them out and rock my natural hair. love the blog thus far!

Boutzie' said...

Thank you. ^_^