Free Spirit, We Carefree

As this week has come to a close, I reflect on some of the personal events that have taken place. I have come to the conclusion that being in relationship is not for me, at this particular stage in my life.  I don't want to be committed or tied down. It makes me feel claustrophobic, like I cannot breath at all. But to be honest after evaluating all the plausible outcomes of dating and what it could bring, I choose to say FUCK it. I like being able to flow and be me. In my opinion being in a relationship right now, I cannot do that. Beside I don't think the guys can handle me or kick it with me. They say that they can, but to be honest once they enter into my world it won't become that. (I know I said they a lot, deal with it lol ). Until the time comes for me to date, I will just continue to do me regardless.

Bottom line, I want this hair color. But it will be my version of the rainbow. I may leave my roots black, then add the pink (second time getting pink hair) then a bluish purple on the tips. But this is beauty right?
Beautiful, just simply beautiful. 

But over all a lot of things will be shaking off in coming months. Since school starts soon I have been organizing and planning out my game plan for real. I know I have to seek help when I need it, and let God show me what I need to do. So ladies? Are you READY! 




Nadia Aboulhosn said...

her make up is gorgeous and i want your hair!!

Boutzie' said...

Awwww thank you hun.

ttFN said...

Love the photos at the top! Amazing x

BlueVanilla said...

Beautiful photos! Love this looK!

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