We Made This Move.

Yep, went back to the short hair for a minute. Glad my bangs finally grew in now. Woots!!!!!!. Hope everyone had a kick bootayyy weekend. I know I did in some form. Glad to see that the temperatures will be going down some bit. But overall I'm ready to head back to school, and move into the bitter cold this year. 

So basically over this pass weekend I made some serious moves for real. To give you bit history that will tied into this story later. I use to promote for clubs, and entertainment organizations back when I was in high school. Yes I know I got to experience the nightlife early than most of my friends that I was hanging with. But it was not all partying ( I mean I did) it was all work. I enjoy doing it, but I decided to stop, and that pause from the nightlife turned into a three year hiatus. 

Ahhhhh since then I haven't done anything, until now. Lol. Me and my friend katie (fellow blogger on here) have been in the works of creating our own little shindig. With the help of some other people, we created Hollywood Kay and BBNvee Ent. 

Mission Statement: We offer the latest and hottest events in the Maryland & DC area. We stand for not only for promoting but help getting the word out for affiliates that are doing something positive for the community. In our organization, we pride ourselves on being sophisticated, classy, positive and just simply original in everything that we do. We offer the best and nothing less.!/pages/Hollywood-Kay-BBNvee-Ent/213501858695442?sk=info
This the link to our page and twitter, support, and like.

We are so happy because not only are promoting for others, but we are in the process of making some hecka moves.  Stay tune for more information. 

I'm so excited to get things rolling this semester. Having nothing but faith always gives me the drive to know that God can and will be there for me, in all my plans and his. 




jamie-lee said...

the short hair is great!

Fashion Rehab said...

the short hair is nice, can't wait to see more pictures of it.

Fashion Rehab