All Black and Leather.

Last official week of summer vacation and relaxation for me. The week after this week I will be heading back to good ole' Hood. I'm excited to head back and get started on some much needed projects. This summer has been chaos, hectic, and just plain miserable for me. The first thing I do when I get back to school, will be taking a much needed rest.

The above picture is my new look when I return to school. I have take a look back at this school year, and realized that I made some mistakes, and the one that I made was not truly showing who I am on that campus, because I was scared of what people thought. Well I told everyone that when I come back,  yall will see the new Bri' (nickname, amongst many others).

You know when as people make excuses for the choices, and decisions that we make. For those us that are religious we make excuses to cover up what we did. For me, I haven't done this, because I own up to everything that I did. When you basically come clean about anything in your life, the enemy cannot use it as tactic to bring you down.

This year, I got my focus back, I got my drive back, and I'm ready to rock and roll hoochie koo like crazy. These are my college years, my building phase years, and I'm going to maximized all opportunities, and blessings God has for me in this stage of my life.

So babies, school in a week, and let me say this.............Part 3 has begun.

Hugs, and Kisses,



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