Fall=New Skin Care

Hello ladies ( and gents) finally found the time between work and school to post a little post on skin care for the fall.  As summer fastly coming to a close, it means that it is back to dry skin, and deep pore cleanings.
Since I got back to school, I have been dealing with a little break out ( due the chlorine water system). I'm not sure if the school has a filter for that particular system, but my little face is breaking out. Thank goodness for Clinique, and clean & clear facial routines. But I decided to share some of the latest products that have been given good reviews. So ladies let's dive into this:

Clean Scene Gaga for Glow™ Gentle Facial Scrub
What it is:

A gentle scrub that gets rid of dull, dead skin for a super smooth complexion.

What it is formulated to do:

Dismiss Dullness! This exfoliating essential deep-cleans to minimize the appearance of pores as it frees skin of excess oil, leaving a healthy glow. Get scrubbing three times a week for seriously silky results.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Petrochemicals

- Phthalates

- GMOs

- Triclosan
My friend is currently using this product for occasional breakouts that leaves her face puffy and red. She has been using it since the end of last semester, and so far her face is looking clearer than before.  This product has 5 1/2 stars.
After a good cleanser, we need a good toner. Mmmmmm which one shall it be? One that does not leave the skin feeling to dry, to oily, or all thee above. I prefer ones that suck out the oil, and leaves my face some what dry. But that doesn't mean you have to deal with that.

Clarifying Lotion 4

What it is:

A gentle, oil-free exfoliating lotion for oily skin.

What it is formulated to do:

This second step in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System is a true difference-maker for great skin. Developed by Clinique's dermatologists, the refining formula whisks away pore-clogging oil buildup and flakes to reveal a clearer complexion. It helps control excess oil to leave skin cleaner, smoother, and healthier.
This one of many lotions from this line, and they are really good. This product I have been using since beginning of this year, and so far, my face is looking clear, and smooth.
Here it comes ladies, the big zigga boom!

You can basically use, and moisturizer that is out there. I like oil free base ones, it doesn't make your face heavy, or sticky.

So ladies, I hope that help you a little.


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