&They Say We Come Full Circle.

Hey hunnies bunnies, hope everyone is having a good week so far like me. ^_^.   In these last couple of days I have been really taking a lot of things in. You know that saying that "you can only please one person a day" has been playing on repeat in my mind, but with a twist. I'm tired of always having to please man, like is reality what have you done for me? And when I say man, I mean everyone in general. So coming full circle again in these last couple of days, I have realized that people will flip on you as soon as you say no you cannot do something for them because it out of your hands.  I'm learning now to not care about how they feel because in the end I'm the only one that matters.

I found this little paragraph of inspiration on tumblr.com (you can follow me on there if you have one bbnouveaufavore.tumblr.com)

I have to say, I am living by this for now on. Not just when I'm young, but in my whole life. We cannot stress over things we cannot change or control. There is no point in doing that for real.

We as people need to stop and think about where we want our lives to go. I know God is going to get me there, and with my input he will continue to push me. I want more from this life. I don't want to wake up in a routine and be like "damn my life is boring". I came full circle these last couple of days. I'm on a mission, and no one and do mean no can alter that.

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