They Know.

I have been listening to Drake's new song They Know (headlines), and I understand the meaning of that song. I just don't listen to music just because, if music wasn't apart of my life I would be....... . But I listen to music to find some meaning from it, and this song I find a lot. People are only listening to it for the beat, but what drake is saying that he never fell off, he just had to improve. 
Isn't that funny? When people think that we fell off we are nothing, and they can walk and talk all over us. Mmm I see the irony in that. I was like that a few months ago. I fell off my swagger, and couldn't get back up. Well I got back up, and I'm way better than before. 

In this world people will try to stop and make you think you are not the shit, even when you know for a fact that you have something far more better than them, and that you can blow up. 

Like I said the song They Know spoke to me, and with that being said........THEY KNOW. 

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